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...Looking to buy your "dream" home?  

...Do you know what you want your dream home to look like or feel like?

...Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of looking and not finding what you want?

...The housing market has slowed, but that can be a good thing because that means there's more properties on the market.  Take advantage of it.


Let US help you find YOUR perfect home!


Tips on how to find that PERFECT home:

...When you see a property for the first time, look at the location to make sure it matches with what you want; such as, is it close to schools, shopping, family, easy commute to work or school, parks, playgrounds, walking trails, bike trails, outdoor space, neighborhood with kids, etc. 

...Figure out what YOU really want when you start looking for YOUR special home.

...Will that special home have that  "Welcome Home" feeling as soon as you walk in. ...Make sure the "bones" of the house are good because you can always change paint colors or carpeting/flooring, but the foundation, roof, HVAC system and layout need to be the way you feel comfortable. 

...Find a home that makes you like you were meant to live there all along?  


Those are the feelings you should have when you're trying to find your first, second or even last home to move into.  Your house should be YOUR home not just a house.  Sometimes that takes time, but you will know as soon as you walk in whether this ONE is the ONE for you and your family. 

...If the bones of the house are good and the creative mind can envision what you want YOUR house to be, then you are in the right place to find that special place. 

...Call our office and let one of our professionals work with you on your quest.





The rental market is especially busy right now with not enough supply and way too much demand.  We know how challenging it is to look for a property and see it's gone before you can attend a showing. 


We want to help you find your next home.  Our goal is to help in every aspect of the rental journey. 

Our homes fit any budget especially during this time of limited supplies. If you are looking to move and see a property for rent don't hesitate to call for a showing. They don't last long enough to think about it for too long.

Our Team

Nikki Frekot

Owner/Managing Broker/Property Manager

RE Broker and Property Manager since 2010.  Opened Q3 Realty July of 2011.  

Laura Rivich

RE Broker/Property Manager

Broker and Property Manager with Q3 Realty since 2012

Korri Scott

Business Manager/Finance Manager (HOA)

Business Mgr. with Q3 Realty since 2012 and HOA Finance Mgr. since 2014

Your Specialist for Real Estate Needs...Home Sales, Property Management and HOA/CONDO Assn. Management

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